(Agreement must be executed and submitted before applicant is eligible to play).

    I hereby apply to play JOY LEAGUE BASEBALL (JLB) during the 2024 season.

    Date Of Birth:


    1. I/We, the parents/guardians of the above-named child, who is an applicant to play on a JOY LEAGUE BASEBALL team, hereby give my/our approval to the child's participation in all activities of the JOY LEAGUE BASEBALL program, mindful of the risks involved in such a program.

    2. I/We expressly hereby waive, relieve and release JOY LEAGUE BASEBALL, its officers, officials, coaches and other personnel from any and all responsibility for injuries or claims that might arise because of the participation of the above-named applicant in JOY LEAGUE BASEBALL.

    3. I/We acknowledge that it is my/our responsibility to provide and maintain health and accident insurance coverage for the above-named applicant at any time he/she is participating in JLB activities.

    4. I/We understand that Joy League will on occasion publish photographs taken during its activities and events for the purpose of promoting the league

    5. I/We certify the applicant will not reach the age of 13 before June 1, 2024, and I/we also agree to furnish a certified birth certificate for the above-named applicant if requested by JOY LEAGUE BASEBALL.

    Check here that I/We have read and accept these 5 terms above.

    Player Shirt Size:

    Last Played For:

    If player is new to Joy League, please briefly describe previous baseball experience, if any (no experience is necessary to play):

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: (examples: Are you interested in coaching? Is there a practice night that would cause a scheduling conflict?)

    How did you learn about Joy League?:

    The cost is $40.00 per player. When you submit this form you will be redirected to PayPal to proceed for payment. (+$1 fee for online transactions)